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Friday, October 28, 2011

Phantom of The Organ

Adventure Group Field Trip: Phantom of The Organ-

It was a unique experience with music from two huge pipe organs, an mini orchestra, multimedia video & special effects, vocalists, a cello solo, saxophone instrumental, costumes and more.  Its purpose is to teach and rekindle the appeal of the 'King of Instruments', also known as the pipe organ.  This free showing was designed for children and youth.  There is also an evening show that is longer, benefits the Charlotte Concerts educational outreach, and is also free.

 Before the show started...

The music was powerful.   Composers included Andrew Lloyd Weber and John Williams, both of which we are studying this year.
We encountered featured selections from Star Wars, Lion King, Harry Potter, Pink Panther


 and our favorite, Phantom of the Opera.
After the show, we met some of the performers, and Stephen Distad and Rob Frazier, both who played the two pipe organs.  Mr. Distad, who originated these concerts, started playing the pipe organ at age 13.  He spoke with our group,

 played for our group,

and even let some willing participants play on the pipe organ. 

Here Jessica is playing "Music of The Night, from Phantom of The Opera (that she taught herself). 
It was an awesome outstanding experience. 
(This isn't your grandma's piano!)
  Even Neecie took a turn.
There are approximately 6000 pipes in this church.  The smaller pipes produce the higher pitch tones and the larger pipes produce the lower, deeper, more powerful tones.  There were pipes in the back and front of the sanctuary.  Mr. Distad played both separately, so we could hear the difference.   

(You can just recognize the pipes on either side of this stained glass window, below.)
There are also numerous ways to play with 'keys' on the floor of the organ as well as all kinds of computer technology and memory functions.  He even showed us how he can play with his feet.

If you ever get the opportunity to go, I highly recommend it.

For more information: Click Phantom of The Organ

Adventure Group with Rob Frazier and Stephen Distad

Photo Credit: All photos taken by Neecie Herndon
Thank you, Lisa, for hosting!


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