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"What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the Master calls a butterfly." Richard Bach

Christmas Newsletter 2011

 Beyond Blessed 
'Pieces of Gratitude' excerpts from my 2011 Gratitude Journal

~Finding the extraordinary in the ordinary~

24- Flying the girls in the air on my legs like Superman   247- Hot steaming tea     339- Harry saving Gabrielle’s life when she choked and fell unconscious     484- The Free American History Picture Study from Nat’l Endowment For The Arts        483- Richard’s faithful generosity in tithing and blessing others.      

486- Abigail reading the Bible aloud every morning     490- My big brother          493- Adventure Group      499- Coupons from Patsy & Judy, the Callahan’s, and Allen’s.    501- Learning about the heart in Anatomy   507- The sunrise I can see peeking in through the kitchen window each morning     517- Emergency room stopping Gabrielle’s cough so she could breathe       518- Richard’s new handsome glasses    538- Found money in 2010 of $28.16     553- Reading aloud to the girls; my great great great grandfather, Robert Watson’s,  Civil War Journal     554- Reading aloud my grandmother, Alice's, published genealogy books        572- $5 Bang bang shrimp        594- Planning a skiing trip      647- Write2Ignite; Writers Conference with Jessica      653- Girls starting their 1000 gift dare in Keepers Club 

654- Williamsburg, VA with the Herndon’s     671- Romeo peeking out the dining room window when we pull up in the driveway          695- Learning... that authentic “Thanksgiving precedes the Miracle”  & 696- The way to praise God is to thank Him.     697- Jessica’s picture winning the Wizard of Oz contest and being made into a program and poster advertisement.

731- Planning for Jessica in high school, Abigail in middle school, and Gabrielle’s Kindergarden for 2011-2012     734- Gabrielle saving the squirrel’s Whole Entire Life.    741- Abigail making brownies all by herself     750- Both girls performing in The Wizard of Oz (Munchkin, farmhand, Winkie, & Ozian)    756- Jessica being asked by director to help make-up artist    771- Ruth’s testimony

    772- Abigail's bravery     793- Making stained glass crosses with residents of The Little Flower    798- A visit from Unkle Harry     799- Abigail’s Drama Queen birthday party    820- Finding a snake while hunting Easter Eggs     832- Gabrielle reciting the Gettysburg Address all by herself at the Award Ceremony  (272 words and only 4yo! )    840- A friend trusting us enough to pray for her when she found a breast lump      847- Tea Party on the Delta Queen River Boat with Aunt Sandy in TN    870- Richard's safety in auto accident        876- Jessica’s first babysitting job     

869- Watching Twilight Zone with Jessica     898- Going to “Hello Dolly” play with the girls and singing all the way home    899- Swimming at The YMCA for the summer          915- Abigail’s Easter Lilies blooming     944- Jessica’s first day volunteering at the library     964- No complaints    
972- Double rainbows on the beach

1000- Ann Voskamp’s 1000 gifts (buy & read!!!)      1032- Abigail babysitting her lil' sis     1039- Taking Jessica and her girlfriends to the final Harry Potter movie premier at Midnight     1049- The She Speaks Conference  1050- 1st annual She Speaks Clothing Swap     1059- Richard’s beautiful wood shelves he built for my washroom!     1069- Kay’s ‘grandma camp’ for the girls     1104- Gabrielle learning to write her name     1112- Abigail’s dance team audition

1142-     Abigail’s braces     1157- Celebrating our anniversary (19 years) at Ocean Isle Beach     
1174- Richard’s best ever shrimp dinner on the deck listening to the ocean      

1176- Abigail’s Festival in the Park dance team performance      1192- Daddy buying Gabrielle her first hermit crab, Henry    1236- Jessica’s first Gavel Club speech      1259-  yard sale treasures     1260- getting published in The Old School House Magazine & Proverbs 31 magazine     1270- Boot camp with Jessica      1273- Christian yoga and lavender oil      1287- Gabrielle teaching herself to ride a bike without training wheels     

1288- Finding Richard’s love notes   1289- The visit to TN to see Sandy and Tom  1304- "Ellie’isms’’ 2011: “glubs” (you wear on your hands), “Pop pop party” (potluck party), “Sub-er-way” for Subway 1320- Gabrielle getting her 1st library card!  1406-    Attempting to remember, “Life is not an emergency.”  1407- Catching falling leaves w/ Gabrielle.   1408-  The best husband ever!  1422-  Spying deer on a morning run   1423-   Learning about birds.     1432-    Jeannie’s letters     1435-  My shoes    1446-   Tradition of eggnog & tree decorating     1447- God's gift of Christ................

Now on to infinity...

Gratitude bestows reverence, allowing us to encounter everyday epiphanies, those transcendent moments of awe that change forever how we experience life and the world. “  John Milton

We pray you have a blessed CHRISTmas, a Grateful New Year, and that you encounter everyday epiphanies!
“And now we thank you, our God, and praise your glorious name.” 1 Chronicles 29:13
Learning the art of thankfulness,
The Brown's