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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Balloonfest Field-trip

Adventure Group field-trip...
The pictures do not do the day justice.  You just cannot see what we saw in our peripheral vision.   Think panoramic.  And, oh, the colors!!!

 We learned about balloon materials, lingo, competitions; how they are executed, and safety procedures.

 All balloon baskets are hand made wicker; lightweight and flexible.  They range from $15,000 (used) to about $50,000 or more.  The balloon material is extremely durable and is the same type  Harry uses in skydiving.  The skirt (at the bottom of the balloon) is flame retardant. 

At 14 years old, one can start flying in training.  At 15 years old you can be a solo pilot (once you obtain your balloon pilots license).  

Heat rises.

 In a matter of minutes, dozens and dozens of balloons went up, up and away.

Frequent indecision....  ("There he is, no wait, turn there, no left, no right......where did he go?")

Silly balloons.
We are grateful for the day and thankful for friends.  It was an awesome FREE event!

""May you fly so high and so well that God joins you in laughter and sets you gently back into the loving arms of mother earth."


Brenda said...

What a wonderful field trip, and such a variety of balloons! I love free events. This past weekend my kids made a wooden race car at Home Depot, and they had so much fun; and it was all free.

Christina Parker Brown said...

Brenda, I love Free too!

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